Being a devotee of the World Friend, Adi Da Samraj has been both a wonderful gift and an honor. It has been eighteen years since I first sat in the company of the Master who has taught me about a relationship based on inherent happiness, love, beauty, and heart surrender.


It has been an ongoing journey full of lessons, self-transcendence, and a deeper understanding and realization of who Adi Da Samraj truly is.


In the following pages I will share the part of my life that has been shaped by the relationship with whom I consider to be my Heart Master and most Beloved Friend.



If the Heart Finds Me, The Heart Devotionally Recognizes Me (Inherently), and all the body-mind Devotionally Responds To Me (Immediately).


Therefore, Your Heart Must Decide - Whether To Raise a Fist and Throw a Rock At the ego-Crushing Natural Universe, Or To Make A Flower Grow In The Garden Of Indestructible Light.


 --- Adi Da Samraj